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Yamaha Service Center

Welcome to Setco Yamaha, an authorised yamaha service center having its workshop in Delhi. Below is given our workshop address along with all contact details to book your bike / scooter service.


Setco Yamaha

69/2-A Industrial Area,
Najafgarh Road, Next to Hans Hyundai,
Opposite Moti Nagar Flyover, New Delhi
Phone No. 011 - 47353741
Mobile No. 9268573342

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Sunday: 10 AM to 5.30 PM

Monday Closed

Location Map:-

At SETCO YAMAHA you can be assured of a quality service for your bike. We believe that our commitment to proper maintenance of your machine is unequalled.

Our servicing not only thoroughly covers that which is defined by SETCO YAMAHA and Yamaha Motorcycles, but also includes many additional points which we believe will be of benefit to the maintenance and running of your motorcycle.

Check out the SETCO YAMAHA service checklist below! (For an explanation of the symbols see the 'key' at the bottom of the page).

SETCO YAMAHA Service Checklist

  L I M
Replace Engine/Transmission Oil
Check/Replace Oil Filter  
Replace Final Drive Oil    
Adjust Valve Clearance (See Workshop Manual)    
Check/Adjust Cam Chain  
Check Crankcase Vent
Check/Replace Spark Plugs  
Clean/Replace Air Cleaner    
Check Fuel Filter
Check Throttle Action
Syncronise Carburettors    
Adjust Idle Mixture/C.O. %  
Adjust Idle Speed  
Check Choke Operation
Check/Adjust Autolube Pump  
Check/Adjust YPVS  
Check/Adjust EXUP  
Check/Top Up Coolant Level
Adjust Clutch  
Side Stand/Clutch Switches
Check Battery Fluid Level
Check Battery Breather (Where Applicable)
Charging Check
Check Horn
Adjust Stop Light Switches  
Check/Replace Brake Pads
Copperslip Pins/Calipers/Pads/Silicon Grease on Pistons  
Brake Shoes
Check Brake Fluid Levels
Check Clutch Fluid Levels
Check Clutch/Brake Master Cylinder Linkages - Adjust if Required  
Check Brake/Clutch Hoses  
Clutch/Brake/Throttle Cables - Check/Adjust
Check Rear Wheel Alignment
Adjust/Lubricate Drive Chain
Check Spoke Tension
Check Rear Wheel Runout/Damage
Check Wheel Bearing Play
Repack Swinging Arm With Grease  
Check Swinging Arm Play
Check/Adjust Steering Head Bearings
Repack Steering Head Bearings With Grease  
Check Rear Suspension
Change Front Fork Oil  
Check Front Fork Operation  
Check/Adjust Tyre Pressures
Check Tyre Condition/Wear
All Accessable Nuts and Bolts
Front Tyre Tread depth
Rear Tyre Tread depth
Brake Pads/Shoes - % Worn
Drive Sprockets - % Worn
General Lube
Lubricate Grease Nipples/Linkages  
Top Up Autolube Tank
Change Brake Fluid  
Change Brake Seals  
Change Brake Lines  


  1. Road test and check for smooth braking, correct handling and smooth gearchanging.
  2. Check self-cancelling indicators (where fitted) operate correctly.
  3. Stop and restart engine a few times and ensure easy start and stable idle speed.
  4. Return to workshop and re-check drive chain tension and oil levels.
  5. Remove hand/finger marks from machine and sign check sheet.


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